. (siamesealmeida) wrote in electric___sexx,

PREZ POST; Hey kids.

I think I am going to delete this community, or at least leave it. It's evident that it's not going anywhere. People refuse to promote or recruit members, and no one really participates. So... one of you can have it, if you want. I'm leaving tomorrow night though, and if no one has said anything, I'm also deleting the community.

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well, i promote, and i participate, and i definately think that this community should keep on...being.
You're right, you do. But you're in the minority.
But look at when the last applicant we had was.
several weeks ago i think..
Yeah. That's ridiculous.
beyond. want a laugh? go to my community. the__cool__kids

it doesnt get much lame-er
yeah it's deff. a bitch when only like 3 people promote and shit s do what you want.
Aw. But this is like the only cool community I'm in. Damn.

I will keep promoting it anyways.
Well, i promote. balh.kjsdf.
I love this community! <3
ahh don't delete it
i was in 3 communties.
this is the only one left.. everyone seems to be deleting them
i'll take over if you want